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  • f you do not meet the Listing of Impairments at Step 3 in the Social Security Administration’s evaluation process (for a summary of the evaluation process, click here: Evaluation Process), the SSA moves on to Steps 4 and 5 to look at your disability from a different angle.  They check to see whether your disability is […]

  • or both SSI and SSDI, Social Security regulations provide a five-step sequential disability evaluation process (the Five Step Process) for determining disability.  In addition to this process, the claimant’s impairment must be expected to result in death or to have lasted—or be expected to last—at least 12 months.   (This is called the duration requirement.)  The […]

  • n both applications for SSI and applications for SSDI, there are two offices established by the Social Security Administration that evaluate your disability claim.  The first office is the Social Security Administration field office (SSA field office).  The second office is known as Disability Determination Services (DDS). SSA Field Office The job of the SSA […]

  • he SSI limits on income and resources are one of the most complicated areas handled by the SSA. If your income and resources are too high, you will be turned down for SSI benefits no matter how severe your medical disorders. This article will discuss three things (a) income limits required by the SSA, (b) resources […]

  • lients sometimes ask what sort of threshold they need to meet to qualify as being disabled under the Social Security Act.  They wonder whether they need to be completely crippled before a judge will approve their SSI or SSDI benefits.  It is true that the application process is very time consuming and convoluted.  Hence, exactly […]

  • Qualifying for SSDI To qualify for SSDI, the applicant must fit into one of the following categories: You are a disabled insured worker under age 66.  You must have worked long enough and recently enough to qualify.  Even if you worked for many years and paid Social Security taxes, you may not qualify if your […]